The Completed Casiocaster

It's been a lot of work but the modified Casio MG-510 guitar is now reborn as The Casiocaster. I added a set of Fender tuners and a Fender tremolo unit, both far better than the slightly cheap hardware fitted as standard. A huge amount of work but it's all paid off in the end. The noiseless DiMarzio pickups are a vast improvement on the iron-loaded HSS pickups it came with and the ability to drive the BOSS SY-1000 synth directly makes this a pretty incredible guitar.

Would I recommend doing this to a guitar? Not unless you can fins a cheap Casio like I did. Fitting a Roland GK kit is quite an undertaking even in a guitar with cavities already routed out like in the Casiocaster and a nightmare in a standard Stratocaster. Trust me, I've done this on a Fender Stratocaster in the past and it's not something I would want to do again. Just buy an MG-510 and a router, get a custom pickguard made and while I wouldn't call it straightforward it's a lot easier than digging into a Fender guitar. And forget it entirely on anything that isn't vaguely Strat-shaped.

Video to follow!