ASIO Live Streams Coming Up!

With the COVID lockdown currently putting a stop to any live music it looks like musicians are going to have to transition to live streaming for the foreseeable future. For musicians using DAWs this has always been a problem as the ASIO audio system cannot easily be routed into live broadcast software so I've spent some time hunting for a solution and settled on an open-source ASIO plugin for OBS studio. No setup needed in Cubase but I did have to use the loopback routing on my audio interface to route the DAW output to a spare input channel. So my live streaming ASIO setup will be as follows ...

  • Cubase 10.5 running on two machines, synchronised by System Link over SPDIF
  • Main computer runs OBS Studio with the ASIO Plugin by pkviet
  • Maybe one or two phone cameras running IP cam software to provide individual feeds to OBS

For anyone interested in modular synthesis live streams I would strongly recommend the channel run by Robin Vincent at Molten Music Technology for providing friendly chat, gear news and much-needed humour in these dark days.

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